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Need that extra punch and clarity out of your track?


Get in touch if you think I can help through my contact page.


Here is how I work on mixing projects.


For any mixing work I will need all multi-track files in as clean a format as possible unless effects, such as a big hall kicks or similar, are part of the production. These can be sent to me online and need to be at least 44.1khz/16 bit, preferably 48khz/24 bit. I do run a 64bit system so higher bit rates can be catered for.


My mixes are pushed in level so they are easy to audition next to other releases. Once you are happy with my mix I will send you two mixes, one with levels comparable to current releases and one with at least 3db of headroom in case you wish to send the track to a dedicated mastering house.


Please get in touch for availability through the contact page.

*Discounts Provided for bulk orders. Get in touch for a quote.


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