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I provide remixes or re-interpretations of songs for artists and labels. I ask what you want out of your remix and go from there, this can be anything from making a pop-styled remake to a Gorillaz-esque hip hop jam. Below is one of my remixes. Get in touch if you think I can add something to your next release.


Send me a message through my contact page for a quote, please give me details of how quickly you need your remix done with an idea of what kind of remix you are looking for. Mixing and mastering will be included, so the remixes are ready to go once you have approved it!


What will be needed if you would like me to make a remix for you:


I require at least the vocals (unless it's an instrumental track that's to be remixed, then I will need the main elements) - separate multi-track files - in a clean state (no reverb, compression or EQ) and at least CD quality audio, so wav. 44.1khz and 16 bit but 48khz and 24bit is preferred. These can be sent via my dropbox or you can post them on CD or DVD to me if your internet speed doesn’t allow uploading of large files.


If you want me to use other elements from the original track in my remix I will also need them in the same format. Generally it’s best to send everything from the track so that I have greater flexibility in what I can use for the remix. The cleaner the files the better!

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